Thursday, April 16, 2020

Looking Homeward

There is not a single thing dividing you from you true nature, which is awareness.

You are not a person, a man, a woman, a northerner, an ethnicity, or political faction. You are that which is temporarily arising in any of the aforementioned. (And even then, you/it/them are not concretely there.

Since you ARE awareness, there can be no roads or journeys or techniques to it. But that is precisely what 99.99% of the gurus, meditation mega-stars, and spiritual teachers want to do: Give you a mantra, a technique, or a process to reach some form of "enlightenment."

Sorry, it is not going to happen. Has it happened for them? Absolutely not! Talk with someone who has a living understanding that he or she is awareness itself. Only can that person be your guide, your pointer to the eternal.

There will be something in the person's voice, manner, and silences that will pause you. Let the pauses be your guide to your natural state. It is a kind of looking homeward, really. I wish I would describe it, but I can't.

You must experience for yourself; and nothing, my friend, could be easier.