Saturday, November 17, 2012

Q&A: A Hushed Spaciousness

Question: Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. Teaching has been quite tough, and I have managed to catch a stomach virus and the flu in consecutive weeks, which meant that I was off for a few days, and had to catch up when I got back. 

Rodney: The flu and a stomach virus!? My God, man! You've got to stay away from those "draughty" English castles and all of that cold morning toast, which should be properly slathered with butter and heated before consumption.  

Question: Got it! (Laughter). The upside is that it has been a time for reading and walking. The autumnal colours are exquisite here, as well as the light on the turning leaves; it's misty today, too ... "season of mist and mellow fruitfulness" indeed!   

Rodney: Sounds lovely.

Q: I quite understand about your updating your blog once a fortnight now, rather than every week. It must have been exhausting, having to keep going to the hot-spot room in the next building. 

Rodney: It was. But you know, I'm still going back-and-forth each day, just to keep up with the correspondence and the phone consultations. So it continues to be tiring. But I'm no longer having to go over at such a fever pitch.

Q: I loved the dialogue you posted a couple of weeks ago: "Right now, what is it about yourself that isn't moving or changing in the least?" That is such a potent and beautiful pointer! Every time I go back to it, it is fresh and vibrant. 

Rodney: That's means you're alive to its depth and significance. I'm not praising my own words here. I'm merely saying that your seeing and sensitivity are such that you are likely to be paused any excellent pointer, no matter who is it from. And the source, of course, is quite secondary here. The primary issue is your recognizing that you are the pause, that you really don't have to go any further than that to come to this understanding. For the answer is right there, in your own natural and mental halting. There is nothing to process or "work with"--only to identify or to pinpoint.

Q: Actually, all of your pointers appear "new" every time I read them, which is wonderful. That hushed spaciousness is fairly clear now, even with the click-clacking of a train going by, the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard, and the flux of sensations in my body and the chair. This is something that the mind will never get!

Rodney: Precisely, because thoughts have no inherent intelligence.They arise and fall in a kind of supreme intelligence (awareness). But thoughts have no cognitizing power of their own. They are mental appearances, though they can be memory-like, musical-like, and picture-like. Some neuroscientists say that thoughts are merely separate, neuro-chemical reactions. That's fine too. However you label them, they are vital to our living responsibly and communicating effectively. There can also be pointers to our natural state, which is synonymous with that all-prevading "intelligence" that I was speaking about earlier. And we are That. We are not our thoughts. Sometimes I feel like saying this again and again to folks, but you've gotten it clearly. And all that's needed now is a final seeing--

Q: -- of that clear and enduring spaciousness.

Rodney: Precisely. When the spaciousness is present and unwavering, that is the recognition of your natural state. And once that seen, it's seen. Things begin to fall into place after that, in terms of any spiritual and conceptual questions you might have had. Your inner peace is totally beyond any blissful or visionary experience that you might have had. For now, you are that living understanding to which Sankara, Gaudapada, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and U.G. Krishnamurti so brilliantly pointed.

Q: Rodney, once again, thank you so much. Take good care...We are off in a few days to the Peak District, which is just down in Derbyshire. We are staying quite close to where this photo was taken.

Rodney: Oh, lucky folks! Enjoy.  :)


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