Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Hello, Folks !

I hope everyone is doing great! There have been a few changes here, and I would love to share them with you.

I am still doing non-duality consultations. But time is now 30-minutes, and the requested fee has been lowered $55.

I have found the the 30-minutes works perfectly. Also, it allows me to comfortably schedule more people from literally around the world. We can chat by Google Hangouts or FaceTime — or the good old phone for those who are right here in the United States.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Looking Homeward

There is not a single thing dividing you from you true nature, which is awareness.

You are not a person, a man, a woman, a northerner, an ethnicity, or political faction. You are that which is temporarily arising in any of the aforementioned. (And even then, you/it/them are not concretely there.

Since you ARE awareness, there can be no roads or journeys or techniques to it. But that is precisely what 99.99% of the gurus, meditation mega-stars, and spiritual teachers want to do: Give you a mantra, a technique, or a process to reach some form of "enlightenment."

Sorry, it is not going to happen. Has it happened for them? Absolutely not! Talk with someone who has a living understanding that he or she is awareness itself. Only can that person be your guide, your pointer to the eternal.

There will be something in the person's voice, manner, and silences that will pause you. Let the pauses be your guide to your natural state. It is a kind of looking homeward, really. I wish I would describe it, but I can't.

You must experience for yourself; and nothing, my friend, could be easier.

Monday, September 30, 2019


We are awareness.

Whenever there is a presence of awareness, that is self-realization. There are also other terms for it, such as the understanding (that you are awareness itself, and not the thoughts, person, and feelings that you appear to be).

All that is needed for self-realization is the seeing or recognition that awareness is fully present. There is absolutely nothing to get, attain, reach, or move-toward. Further, this understanding is not time-related. Awareness is there for the seeing, at any moment.

Self-reflection is one of the ways of recognizing your natural state. As the words imply, you carefully ponder nondual pointer that you love or have come across; you reflect upon—in a relaxed manner—throughout the day.

Another way is to talk with or read the words of some writer or spiritual teacher with whom you resonate; and please be sure that he or she is actually self-realized. This approach to nonduality is, by far, the best. Questions can be directly posed and answered doubts can be cleared away.

There is no reason not liver a thriving, happy, creative, and self-realized life. Your natural state is directly before and within you. See for yourself the peace that that understanding can bring.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hello, Folks — from Rodney Stevens

Hi, everyone ~

I hope everyone is doing great! There have been a few changes here, and I would love to share them with you.

I am still doing the 60-minute, non-duality consultations. The price is $95

(Also, I now will be doing regular life coaching, if you are interested. It probably won't have an overriding non-dual angle, though there is no denying the fact that all is awareness, no matter what you choose to label that awareness.)


* Motivation

* Creativity

* Life Purpose

* Self-Knowledge

* Personal Transformation


+ Increased Motivation

+ Increased Energy and Enthusiasm 

+ Clarity of Purpose

CONSULTATIONS CAN BE DONE: Face-to-face, Phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, or by E-mail.

All compensation is paid before the first consultation or session. And it is non-refundable.

If you would like to work together, feel free to email me at:

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Precisely That: Reflections Upon Enlightenment is available on Amazon. Go to the above link.

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Rodney's previous book, The Only True Life: Living from the Natural State, can be purchased from Amazon by clicking on the above link.

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Here is Rodney's 2009 interview at the peerless Urban Guru Cafe.


"Rodney is on the way to becoming a nondual megastar. His books and pointers are amazingly direct, original, and beautiful—immersing you in your own Beingness. In little time at all, he has taken nonduality and made it his own." — Lori W., U.K.


Susan Ferguson is a talented artist, writer, and book reviewer, who lives in the gorgeous, green hills of North Canterbury, New Zealand.

You may read her review of The Only True Life at her beautiful Web site: Metaphysical Musing:


Feel free to check out Jimmy Dabrowski's beautiful and downloadable MixTape. Jimmy's a great guy, and I am honored to be one of the nondual authors in his collection.


Rodney's earlier book is State of Wonder: Awakening to Presence.


Click HERE to purchase Rodney's Fully Present: Daily Reflections on Nonduality.


"Fully Present is an elegant addition to the growing literature on nonduality as it is being uncovered, lived and understood in the modern West."

—Philip Goldberg, author of the best-selling America Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation—How Indian Spirituality Changed the WestPhilip's Web site can be found at


"In Fully Present, Rodney opens his daily life and thoughts to us in these immensely natural and pleasant ramblings of one who is fully engaged in life, love, nonduality, and cinnamon muffins."

—Catherine Ann Jones, award-winning screenwriter, spiritual workshop leader, and author of The Way of the Story: The Craft and Soul of Writing. Her Web site is


Rodney is also the author of A Vastness All Around: Awakening to Your Natural State, a powerful and elegant collection of essays, discussions, interviews, and powerful pointers. It can be ordered directly from the publisher at Lulu Press.


"I like your approach in A Vastness All Around. The stories, thoughts and vignettes of your life seem wonderful ways to make people stop and pay attention to where they actually are right now, rather than in some imagined past or future. They show that you don't have to be some specially qualified person, preferably with a title and a name in Sanskrit, to pursue the spiritual quest. Your message comes across particularly well in such pieces as 'Sheerness of Being.'"

—Valerie J. Roebuck, Ph.D., Honorary Research Fellow, University of Manchester (England)