Monday, September 30, 2019


We are awareness.

Whenever there is a presence of awareness, that is self-realization. There are also other terms for it, such as the understanding (that you are awareness itself, and not the thoughts, person, and feelings that you appear to be).

All that is needed for self-realization is the seeing or recognition that awareness is fully present. There is absolutely nothing to get, attain, reach, or move-toward. Further, this understanding is not time-related. Awareness is there for the seeing, at any moment.

Self-reflection is one of the ways of recognizing your natural state. As the words imply, you carefully ponder nondual pointer that you love or have come across; you reflect upon—in a relaxed manner—throughout the day.

Another way is to talk with or read the words of some writer or spiritual teacher with whom you resonate; and please be sure that he or she is actually self-realized. This approach to nonduality is, by far, the best. Questions can be directly posed and answered doubts can be cleared away.

There is no reason not liver a thriving, happy, creative, and self-realized life. Your natural state is directly before and within you. See for yourself the peace that that understanding can bring.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~