Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Attending talks by someone who is established in his or her true nature can be problematic. He may not be an interesting speaker, he may possess a bizarre accent, he may harbor a distracting personality, or he may have near-zero interest in speaking with others about his new-found clarity. Yet, conversing with such persons can be incredibly fruitful. Questions can be immediately asked, explored, and--it is hoped--resolved. Such talks, while ordinary in some degrees, are extraordinary in others. More often than note, the responses, silences, and even the laughter are marvelously textured and veritable pointers in themselves.

Fortunately, you no longer have to travel to India to meet such speakers and teachers. They are not accessible by email, but are scattered in various locations around the globe. They include the estimable John Wheeler (who hosts relaxed but incisive weekly talks in Santa Cruz, California), Bob Adamson (John's teacher, who has a triumvirate of get-togethers each week at his home in Melbourne, Australia), and Stephen Wingate (who holds weekly chats in Arlington, Mass.). What these and other credible teachers of nonduality say, in essence, is this: What "happened" to me has already happened to you. You just don't realize it. Let's discuss how you too might live an awakened life.

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