Sunday, December 7, 2008


Self-realization is a matter of being WHAT you are; not who you are.


All that arises--from your very next thought to the most spectacular nebulosity--emanates from this pristine, formless presence that we call awareness. You may also call it God, Brahman, Clear Light, the Holy Spirit, or Supreme Intelligence. The name is utterly unimportant. What is paramount is to see that there is no separation between Beingness and the person you take yourself to be. Why? Because the person is a fiction, a recurring assemblage of--among other things--senses, memory, and personality traits with no enduring continuity.


Personalities tend not to change after self-realization. Thoughts, emotions, and feelings still come up. But they are seen for what they are: Mere appearances in awareness. Identification with thoughts and sentiments may continue for a while until your understanding is clear. This is simply an adjustment period. Soon you see that there is less and less identification with whatever arises, with absolutely no effort on your part.

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Roeland said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog and the clear pointers.
I can especially relate to the last pointer you give.
Although I realise that I am awareness there is still a tendency to identify with the personality, especially when problems arise.
Thank you so much for making everything clear.