Monday, December 29, 2008


See right at this moment that you are present as awareness. Again, see right at this moment that you are present as awareness. The beauty and simplicity of this fact cannot be overstated.


If you are comfortable with the terms Awakening and Liberation, that's fine. Only know that there is no person to awaken or liberate. Awakening is an impersonal occurrence in consciousness (though not limited by consciousness), where the presence of awareness is recognized.


Note that there is a spaciousness in which everything is happening. There may be a slew of thoughts, feelings, sounds, and sensations occuring also. But if you carefully pause, you can discern a background of awareness that is, at once, vast, peaceful, and ever-present. It is to that, ultimately, that Zen, Dzogchen, Advaita, and the Tao are pointing.


There is no way to come to this understanding through time. When a teacher tells you that it will take at least 6-weeks or 6-lifetimes for you to become self-realized, he or she is lying. Time and Beingness are in no way related. Beingness is beyond time! Indeed, one of the very first things you realize when you see this for yourself is the immediacy of presence. There is absolutely no separation from you and Freedom itself.

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