Saturday, December 13, 2008

Neither Here, Nor There

I recently read where physicists, using a quantum stroboscope and super-short bursts of laser light, were able to capture an electron in motion. One of the fascinating aspects of this experiment is that each of the several flashes of laser light lasted only an attosecond. To give you an idea of how short this is, consider that one second contains nearly twice as many attoseconds as there are seconds in the 14-billion year life of our universe.

But there is something even more incredible: Time is a concept, not a truth. It is a practically used by all of us. But it does not govern our discovering who we are. Presence is appearing right now as your ordinary/extraordinary awareness. You are simply overlooking its halcyon subtlety. I liken it to one of those "Can You Find the Smiling Face in the Picture" illustrations. Yet, awareness isn't a puzzle, and there is nothing to figure out--only something to see and/or relax into. Then you will discover a spaciousness that has always been in attendance. You don't need a mantra, a spiritual name, a month-long retreat, or an expensive (or cheap) flight to India for this understanding to occur. Further, Truth isn't patiently waiting somewhere for you to discover it. It is neither here, nor there--yet, it's lustrous, in plain view, and everywhere.

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