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Q&A: Wholly Impersonal

Question: Hi, Rodney. Just a quick message to say that I hope the operation to remove your wisdom tooth went ok! I had to have a couple removed two of years ago. I remember my cheeks swelling up so much afterwards that I resembled a hamster! :)

Rodney: Great to hear from you! Hope things in the U.K. are going well. It turns out that no dental surgery was necessary. They were able to do a straight exaction. And there was no swelling! I'm still taking Ibuprofen a couple of times a day and using the prescription dental rinse. But I seem to be recovering okay, knock wood.

Q: Terrific...And thank you, as ever, for the latest pointers on your blog. They are so clear and clean and beautiful, especially "What is it that does not know your name?" That paused me powerfully. There was just this luminous, aware, empty presence that was registering the question.

Rodney: Just remain with that empty, aware, luminousity. Or rather, see that you actually never move from it, that it is always there, whether your attention goes to your coffee cup or to the clarity.

Q: Yes, that's it. It doesn't appear to remain. But when it's there, it is at once wholly impersonal and wholly intimate. I can sense it as these words flow across the screen. It is not localised to a body, not separate from anything, but equally, not affected by anything. I'll just to keep coming back to this, and noticing it until the realisation is clear.

Rodney: That's certainly one way of going about it. Whatever you feel drawn to do, do. Just stay mindful of the fact that awareness doesn't move or change in least. And that it is merely being overlooked. We've all been taught that we are this and that. The list is endless: Man, woman, Englishman, Christian, Buddhist, Alaskan, my personality, consciousness, reincarnating soul, etc. 

Q: Nondualist.  :)  (Laughing)

Rodney: Particularly nondualist!...But fundamentally, you are none of those things. Fundamentally, you are simply your nature--pure awareness. This is your abiding reality, this is what never changes. Everything else is just transitionally appearances, from your body and personality to your brain and consciousness. If you were just any of those things, you wouldn't have the ability to know it. No self-reflection would be possible.

Q: I find that whenever the mind is looked to as any kind of authority, there is apparent suffering. This is also the case when I get caught up in questions about karma, reincarnation, different paths and practices etc. Whenever any of this is given any weight, presence (seemingly) fades, or is obscured. The mind is hungry for confusion, for clutter; it will feed on anything.

Rodney: Good points, all. So you are clearly seeing how the mind and practices can't possibly bring you lasting peace. The mind and certain yoga practices, for instance, certainly have their place. And I don't want to sound as if I am totally discounting them, because I am not. I'm merely saying that true peace and clarity comes with the recognition of your immediate presence awareness. 

Q: Thanks, Rodney. And I thoroughly enjoyed our phone consultation!

Rodney: As did I! Take care.


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