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Q&A: Earnestly Seeking

Questioner: Hey, Rodney. I just saw on CNN that the Republican candidates are heading your way for the South Carolina primaries. So I thought I would drop you a line and see how you're holding up.

Rodney: Primaries? What primaries? It's news to me. I'm joking, of course. But as you might guess, I don't follow politics. I'm not advocating that sentiment for anyone. It's just me. I'm no example for anybody.

Q: I also wanting to let you know how much I'm really enjoying A Vastness All Around and Fully Present. Both have been very helpful on several issues.

Rodney: I'm happy to hear that. Thank you--and thank you for the purchases, as well!

Q: In your diary, for example, you cleared away the doubts and fears that came up when reading--many years ago--Krishnamurti's Notebook. You show that this understanding can be something natural, and that the family does not have to suffer from dramatic changes.

Rodney: And neither did J. Krishnamurti, I imagine. Still, I found his writing vague and dualistic. But he appears to have been a lovely and immensely compassionate person. And I, like many former seekers, have several of his books in my library.

Q: I'm in my late 50's, and deeply saddened over the fact that after years of earnest looking and direct pointing from credible teachers, there is no final understanding here. And I know that it may happen soon, or it may not.

Rodney: Yes, but just to be clear: Awareness has happened! Awareness is all there is. In fact, it is so in evidence that you are overlooking it. And I'm not pointing you out here. This "by-passing" of presence is going in all spiritual sectors, with seekers the world over. That timeless and marvelously concise nondual gem "You are That" points us to an immediacy to which you have never given your attention. And when you do come to your clear seeing, you will certainly perceive that there never was a who, but always a what--awareness itself.

Q: Yes, I see what you're saying. And I'm certainly not asking you what can be done because that would be a practice or a path, which would be a separate "me" operating at some level.

Rodney: Right--there can be no path or process to what you already are.

Q: I'm not even interested in a career and material things. I just want to know the truth of who I am.

Rodney: Food, clothing, and shelter are paramount. Once you have the essentials, then it's a personal decision as to the quality and quantity of those things. Your forging ahead is commendable. Just keep in mind that there is no "ahead" and no place to go. Presence is ever-present. And you are That. You never move from being what you are right at this moment. Any pause or pointer can "take" you there--that is, point you to something that is supremely present. And time is not a factor in that recognition. So what is it, right now, that you need no time to see?


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"Fully Present is an elegant addition to the growing literature on nonduality as it is being uncovered, lived and understood in the modern West."

--Philip Goldberg, author of the best-selling American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation--How Indian Spirituality Changed the West. Philip's Web site can be found at


"Rodney Stevens opens his daily life and thoughts to us in these immensely natural and pleasant ramblings of one who is fully engaged in life, love, nonduality, and cinnamon muffins."

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Rodney is also the author of A Vastness All Around: Awakening to Your Natural State, a powerful and elegant collection of essays, discussions, interviews, and powerful pointers. It can be ordered directly from the publisher at Lulu Press.


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Nonduality Magazine has published a discussion with Rodney about his work and book. The extensive and wide-ranging interview was done by John LeKay, the magazine's editor.


"I like your approach in A Vastness All Around. The stories, thoughts and vignettes of your life seem wonderful ways to make people stop and pay attention to where they actually are right now, rather than in some imagined past or future. They show that you don't have to be some specially qualified person, preferably with a title and a name in Sanskrit, to pursue the spiritual quest. Your message comes across particularly well in such pieces as 'Sheerness of Being.'"

--Valerie J. Roebuck, Ph.D., Honorary Research Fellow, University of Manchester (England)


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