Sunday, January 29, 2012

Assumed, But Not Actual

The soft, wobbly ride on the "Rapid." It lurches from the bowels of the airport to the apocalyptic grim of downtown Cleveland. I gaze through the windows. Curiosity and sadness arise within me, and not a scintilla of aversion. Dark riders loll in the dusky seats. The only whiteness holds my hand.

Later, the talk at the aromatic Coffee House at University Circle. A handful of bright, hardy souls braving the frigid evening. I begin to speak. Words pour forth from a source I know all too well--and yet, not at all. For there is nothing but Presence, and no one to know it.

Afterwards, always the second-guessing: Was I specific enough in pointing out how pauses are wellsprings for creativity too? Were my examples accessible? Should I have reiterated how creativity arises in us similarly, but expresses itself differently in every person? And yet, it comes from the same source: Awareness itself.

Books are signed in my quick, indecipherable scrawl. I glance at my name. Who is this person that toiled at these svelte tomes? One can only point to a fleeting approximation, a beingness where individuality is assumed, but is not actual.

Long, tight hugs from those in attendance. Then the weighted silence during the quick stroll to the car. She glances at me, this former love, attempting to make sense of a "someone" that was never actually there in the first place. Her gloved hand touches my arm.

But we say nothing, as the sleet quickens. We gaze at the huge, neoclassic Cleveland Art Museum, with its white Georgian Marble. It's all a part of her storied life now--this sprawling, erudite, collegiate community. Her hand on my arm does not move. It says only one thing: Come back to me.


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peter said...

Beautiful Rodney, thank you so much.....much love peter

Rodney Stevens said...

And much love to you too, my friend.

Rodney said...

Hello Rodney,

If I, as an individual, were actually in existence rather than assumed, I would possess a heart whose fathoms were tenderly pierced by the efficacy of your prose. Thank you for this beauty.

Oh, that egoic second-guessing, I know it well. Let’s stop that.

In Oneness,
Mary Wanser

Rodney Stevens said...

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your lovely words. And you're right--the second guessing is such a waste time!


agoraƩagora said...

dear, Rodney

again and again,
I feel grateful,
our virtual friendship
resonates silently
through the screen.

much love from youself,

Rodney Stevens said...

My Dear Rejane...Thank you. And yes, indeed--our virtual friendship continues to flourish. :)

Much love to you,