Saturday, October 29, 2011

Q&A: A Single, Floating Leaf

Q: I'm really enjoying A Vastness All Around. I read how one of your readers purchased the paperback and the e-book, and I decided to do the same thing. That way, I can easily carry it around in my Kindle when I'm traveling. And when I'm at home, I can flip through the book itself, which I sort of prefer.

Rodney: Thank you!

Q: It's really easy to read your book over and over again, which definitely isn't the case with a lot of spiritual works I've bought. And I've got quite a library!

Rodney: I'm happy the book resonates with you.

Q: As I said, I'm just reading and re-reading, letting everything percolate. That seems to be the way it worked for you. So I'm hoping that that will happen here too, of course.

Rodney: It may, and it may not. There is really no predicting it. Yes, you may be reading one of the pointers or essays in the book, and the understanding will occur. Or you may put the book down, look into the distance at a single, floating autumn leaf--at which time your thinking might be momentarily paused enough (depth-wise, not length-wise) that presence reveals itself. But let's be clear, there is no action or movement from awareness. There is just a seeing or recognition of its existence. For the answer is in you, not the book.

Q: This is probably a silly question, but what do I do then?

Rodney: I wouldn't move, until you are confident of what you are seeing--or rather, of what is being seen.

Q: Just let it sink in, so to speak.

Rodney: Let the actuality of it "sink in." There is nothing that needs to be enhanced, integrated, or maintained. And it's there forever more. But then, it was there all the time, only now it is being finally apperceived--which is not just knowing something, but a total knowing, where previously held thoughts or beliefs are shown to be false or limited.

Q: Would it be okay if I jumped up and started dancing?

Rodney: Sure. Presence would be fine. But your body would be winded!

Q: And there is nothing I can do to speed this along?

Rodney: Who is asking the question? The imagined "I" that is raising the query is just that: A temporary practically--a thought. It won't and can't become self-realized in the least. And neither can your body, which is just a marvelous piece of intricate machinery. It, in itself, isn't sentient. So what is left? Your own state of natural awareness, of which you have taken insufficient notice. But the great news is that all it takes is a little direct attention or pondering of the issue to cognitize your innate clarity. That's all.

Q: And like you said in your blog, it can happen any time. I really laughed when you said that someone can even be eating a piece of pizza!

Rodney: Yes, but only if it's deep dish. Just kidding.

Q: Too late, I'm phoning in a 2-for-1, 16-inch right now!

Rodney: Hey, go for it.

Q: I really appreciate your help on this. And I love your blog--and the YouTube video! I definitely would like to see more of those.

Rodney: Thanks, and keep in touch, if you're moved to do so.


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agoraƩagora said...

Rodney, dear

the easiest is the hardest.
the paradox:
see what can not be seen.

... is too simple!

I love you,
even though this "you" is me,
and so,
much love from yourself!

Rodney Stevens said...

Much love to you, too, my dear Rejane. :)