Friday, October 14, 2011

No Doubts Whatsoever

Question: Hello Rodney. I want to thank you for the many clear and simple pointers you have offered on your blog and elsewhere.

Rodney: You're certainly welcome.

Q: Having read your interview in Nonduality Magazine, I feel a resonance not only with what you are pointing to, but with the aspects of your life story.

Rodney: I'm happy about the resonance being there. When you feel it with someone, it's unmistakable. There's an automatic slowing-down of all physical and mental stratagems when you are reading that teacher's words or you are in his or her presence.

Q: I have been in and out of college for a few years now because I have not been able to maintain the focus and motivation necessary to pursue any particular subject. I ended up studying psychology before taking a leave of absence.

Rodney: Psychology was an early interest of mine, also.

Q: Well, that leave-of-absence occurred because I began to have trouble relating to many of the subject's concepts, which seem so focused on analyzing and fixing this apparent self.

Rodney: Psychology is a greatly beneficial science. But yes, there is that issue.

Q: After years of seeking and eventually coming to terms with my inability to find a seperate self anywhere in experience, I still alternate between an intuitive knowing that life is living itself and to seriously worrying about what I am going to do with my life. But how will I earn a living, and what can I do about my compulsive thought/behavioral patterns, etc?

Rodney: Well, any compulsive thoughts and behavioral patterns should be looked at by a mental health professional. And earning a living should also be given serious consideration; for food, clothing, and shelter are the basics for we humans. Once you have the shelter, clothing is optional, of course! But seriously, self-inquiry necessitates a reasonably sound body and mind. To forsake either is nuttiness indeed. Even the Buddha saw that self-neglect was not the way to go.

Q: Yes, I now remember you writing about that.

Rodney: With the above in mind, allow your heart to lead the way. It's obvious that nonduality is an earnest concern of yours. Continue your inquiry, ponderings, and explorations, all the while making sure that you have a roof over your head and nourishing food to eat. Things tend to sort themselves out, and that certainly may be the case with your situation. The bottom line--nondual wise--is that Presence is your very state of being. So you don't need to attain a single thing. It is simply a matter of recognizing your unceasing sky-like nature, which can be easily be done with a bit of gentle focusing and/or deliberation.

Q: Could you give me an example of the deliberation?

Rodney: Almost any of the above sentences could be used. Or you could ponder the fact that, in your seeking, you are looking for something that you...already...are. That beautiful and startling fact both pauses you and directly points to your ever-present grandness.

Q: Thank you, Rodney. For I truly want to know what I am, without any doubts whatsoever.

Rodney: And awareness is your answer. Right here and now, you are That.


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Nonduality Magazine has published a discussion with Rodney about his work and book. The extensive and wide-ranging interview was done by John LeKay, the magazine's editor.


"Loved the book, Rodney. Enjoyed it as much as John Wheeler's first book, Awakening to the Natural State. My favourite quote of yours was "you are no more your personal history than you are your toothbrush." I like the fact that you included little tidbits of your life and surrounds. It felt more like reading a book on travel or history than some of the other textbook style books on nonduality. I think for anyone serious about a direct approach, your book and John Wheeler's are the two to have." -- Ian


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agoraƩagora said...

hi, Rodney

Friend is one that does not disturb your mind.
Your simplicity is charming,
teaches without asking anything in return,
as well as the singing of birds,
who has eyes to listen, see it.

thank you for virtual friendship,

much love yourself,

Rodney Stevens said...

Thank you, my dear Rejane. :)


Colleen Loehr said...

Very helpful diaglogue! Gratitude to both you Rodney and the questioner.

Rodney Stevens said...

Thank you, Colleen. It's always great to hear from you!