Monday, May 30, 2011

Q&A: Point Taken

Question: Rodney, I'm new to your blog, which was recommended by a friend. I started with just a quick scan, and then I slowed w-a-y down.

Rodney: Very good.

Q: And it wasn't so much that I slowed down, as it was the fact that "I" was slowed down.

Rodney: Excellent distinction. Yes, the movement of the conceptual "I" was naturally reduced. There was no "you" attempting to do it. In fact, the mind had to catch up and respond to the occurrence, which is pretty much its standard operating procedure.

Q: Exactly, and that's very evident to me now...Your blog, by the way, is like some nondual oasis!

Rodney: Thank you. But don't just stop at "Radiance." There are a number of nondual jewels out there. But as you said, if there is natural halting here (or at any place), then just go with it and see how it turns out. And you can get a sense of the site or blog fairly quickly. One of the things to watch for is just what happened with you: A natural "decelerating" to what is on the screen before you. Look too for the occasional "Yes!" to some pointer, image, or paragraph. And finally, be alert for those defined and all-important pauses--for they will likely occur on truly exceptional sites and blogs.

Q: Well, I'm going with it all right--I've already bought a copy of your book! It's in the mail and should arrive any day now.

Rodney: Thanks again! I hope it resonates with you.

Q: I love the title. Could you tell me how that came about? You probably cover that on Page 1 or something, but I'm curious to know right away, if you don't mind?

Rodney: Not at all. A short time after this understanding occurred (spring 2007), I wanted to be able to describe clearly how I was feeling. That's a natural inclination for us writers--wanting to accurately phrase various things. Also, seekers were curious to know what I was feeling, which was a legitimate interest on their part. They wanted to know exactly how things were different. (Though in nonduality, it is more a matter of how things remain the same!) Well, the words didn't immediately come. Then, some days or weeks later, as I was sitting down at the computer one morning with my coffee, the phrase was simply there. I immediately smiled, because the description was spot-on. For it beautifully pointed to the natural state itself, as well as to precisely what I was feeling--which was, a vastness all around.

Q: And is it still the same today?

Rodney: Absolutely. And that's the way it should be. And to elaborate a little further on this: There should always be a "felt" presence with self-knowing. It's not enough to say, "There are no more questions." That could mean that you have resolved (or at least seemingly so) certain conceptual or philosophical issues, when actually, nothing significant has taken place.

Q: Got it.

Rodney: For some people, presence manifests as a subtle yet penetrating sense of peace and serenity; to others, it is incomparable spaciousness. Various body/minds will naturally articulate this differently.

Q: At this point, I'd be satisfied with just a taste of it!

Rodney: And that's all you need. Because once you recognize that it is directly within or before you, it is forever yours. And why shouldn't it be? You are That, awareness itself. You are finally seeing something that was always there. And that's one of the great beauties of nonduality--the supremeness of its pointing. Another is its highlighting of the fact that there is nothing that you have to "re-enter" or "stand as", or stabilize. Awareness is self-luminous and fully present, and it is what you are at this very moment.

Q: I don't have to "merge" myself into it in some way.

Rodney: Precisely. After you have the thought "I have to merge myself into awareness," where is the thought? It's no longer there. It has disappeared, but awareness hasn't. And even when the next thought appears, it won't be able to take/merge/unite you with presence--because you already are presence. You have never left being what you are. Not for a single second.

Q: I have a better feel for that now, but I was certainly guilty of the "merging" approach earlier on, when the whole so-called "journey" started.

Rodney: Those were the lines we were fed by fake gurus and erroneous spiritual books. And because the books were mega-sellers and the gurus got prodigious press, we thought that there must be, at the very least, a sliver of truth to what they were saying. But it wasn't. Self-knowing isn't time-laden or work-laden. You are already what you are seeking. So just find a comfortable seat, reflect carefully on what is said here, and see the wonder of your very own existence.

Q: Point taken, Rodney. I will do just that!


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