Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Q&A: An Okay-Place

Question: Hi Rodney. I don't have any specific questions really. I just wanted to rave about your blog a bit. Your writing and pointing are just extraordinary.

Rodney: Thank you so much.

Q: And your two-part "Edisto" is definitely a recent of favorite of mine.

Rodney: I'm thrilled to hear that. I'm rather partial to those pieces myself.

Q: As I said, I'm don't really have any questions. Because of your pointers, I've come to see that the various meditations that I was doing were totally unnecessary.

Rodney: Yes, totally. All practices are extraneous and distracting. I'm almost tempted to say comical, as well. But it's more a feeling of sadness that comes up here. For most seekers are truly well-meaning folks. They want nothing more than "enlightenment" itself. But they think--because of erroneous books and clueless teachers--that awakening is progressive and time-laden. And nothing could be further from the Truth.

Q: Exactly! That's what I am feeling right now. I haven't reached that seamless understanding yet. But I'm calmer and a lot less stressed. And it dawned on me that the meditations were making me anxious!

Rodney: It certainly can happen.

Q: So I'm at this okay-place, right now. I don't know where it is going to lead. But that's okay too!

Rodney: Precisely. You're doing some clear-headed shifting at the moment, and my advice--which you're welcome to use or not--is to continue with what you are doing. For any reading, contemplation, listening, or reflecting on nondual matters that you do now will be deeper and more insightful because you are calmer and more receptive. And if you want to be mindful of anything, let it be that you and awareness are the exactly the same. When I speak about you, I am speaking about That. You are awareness itself. Your body is there, but you know it's there because awareness recognizes its presence. Ditto your thoughts and mental activities. You are That in which all of these things are within.

Q: So, I would simply search for--

Rodney: --Well, "search" is probably too loaded a word. It infers painstaking work and man-hours!

Q: Man-hours! (Laughing) I like that.

Rodney: Ah, let's make that "person-hours."

Q: Works for me. I just happen to be a woman!

Rodney: Great! So what you are doing here is recognizing something that is constant within you. Everything else is changing, but something isn't. What is that something? That's all. And believe it or not, that is one of the most significant questions that you could ever ask yourself. Because the answer is abounding peace and spaciousness.

Q: That's so beautiful.

Rodney: Yes, but I'm talking about you and what you are at this very moment. I'm not speaking about a concept or some idealized condition. I'm directing you to your own treasure-trove, to your own natural and ever-present state, which is beautiful indeed. But you have to see it for yourself. I can only point you to it. But what I'm directing you to is one of simplest things in the world to see. It only appears elusive because of its immediacy.

Q: Which, I suppose, makes my natural state the Ultimate okay-place! (Laughing)

Rodney: Yeah, I guess I'm okay with that. :)


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"Loved the book, Rodney. Enjoyed it as much as John Wheeler's first book, Awakening to the Natural State. My favourite quote of yours was "you are no more your personal history than you are your toothbrush." I like the fact that you included little tidbits of your life and surrounds. It felt more like reading a book on travel or history than some of the other textbook style books on nonduality. I think for anyone serious about a direct approach, your book and John Wheeler's are the two to have." -- Ian


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