Monday, November 15, 2010

DVD Review

Closer Than Close: A Portrait of Seeking and Finding Our True Self (Poetry in Motion Films/80 minutes/$12.95 plus shipping) is an often moving and diverting work. Director Shawn Nevins captures two sets of seekers: A young one and a middle-aged one. No person, in either group, comes to any final understanding, though their earnestness is apparent.

The young group includes Heidi (a project leader for a Fortune 500 firm), Jeff (an After-School teacher), Scott (a Robotics Software engineer), and Nevins himself. Their questions and discussions--which occasionally go in the wrong direction--are, at least, honestly given.

The middle-age group is comprised of Mike Conners, an "Effortless Meditation" teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio; Art Ticknor, who recently wrote
Solid Ground of Being: A Personal Story of the Impersonal; and Bart Marshall, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and is the author of The Perennial Way, which contains six new translations of such spiritual classics as the Dhammapada, Heart Sutra, and Astavakra Gita.

Most of the seekers have had potent insights, and a few have actually stopped actively searching. Marshall, for instance, "became unfooled" and saw the falseness of many of his ideas and activities.

And Ticknor credits Richard Rose and his works for helping him to realize that "the answer is within," and not in practices. Indeed, Ticknor makes the point that, "It's seemingly silly to say that all you have to do is be what you are. Obviously, we always are what we are. But there is something in the way of recognizing that." Actually, there isn't. It is just a matter of seeing that not only is there nothing in the way, but that awareness is
immediately before us. And we are That.

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