Monday, April 19, 2010


How could there be a path or process to what you already are?


Yes, you have to go beyond language, physicality, and perception when it comes to this understanding. But that "going beyond" happens in less than a second when you either recognize the immediacy of your fundamental state or when you truly comprehend that your numerous points of reference to yourself (my body, my feelings, my sensations, my gender, my job, my religion, my enlightenment, etc) are points that come and go. Call it the ego or an ego-cluster. You needn't overly-focus on what to label it. Just see that this coming-and-going could, in no way, be your true and eternal nature.


Its nothingness is something. Its something is nothingness.


Self-knowledge isn't "cultivated." Additionally, there is no "going back into it" or "deepening" of it at all. Any attempt to do either is giving credence to a referential "I" that, essentially, does not exist. It is a construct, a practicality that we employ that enables us to communicate with one another and to go about our lives. Therefore, this "I" needn't be shunned nor revered. It is what it is. And you are what you are: Radiant spaciousness without beginning or end.


"The Great Perfection," as Dzogchen masters call it, points so beautifully and precisely to itself.


Why should "spiritual hardships" be considered a good or noble thing? Don't buy into the myth that coming to this understanding should have some dramatic or agonizing arc. Utter fiction, too, is the notion that self-realization is something that is sustained over time. Once your natural state is recognized, it is
fully recognized. It is its own aliveness. There is absolutely nothing that it requires. And who, precisely, would be doing the maintaining or enhancing anyway? There is no who, only a what. And-you-are-That.


Any talk of having "the right relationship with yourself" and "coming to grips with who you are" is just a lot of babble and conceptual fodder. You are focusing on matters that have nothing to do with your cognizant sheerness and beauty.


Thoughts, feelings, sensations, and concepts all come and go. They are appearances. They have no nature of their own. Thus, what is it about you--at this very moment--that Does Not Move? Don't attempt to grasp this through thoughts or theories or mythic notions of what you think "liberation" is. Rather, simply bring your attention to this
presence of awareness that is fully beyond any postulations you might have about it. Indeed, that is one of the first things you realize when you come to this understanding: How utterly insignificant your thoughts, dogmas, and beliefs are in comparison with your immaculate and imperishable limitlessness.


Shamash said...

Hey Rodney, love the blog. Sorry for not getting back to your email earlier. I've posted a link to your blog on my site. Would be cool if you could link to my blog too!

Love your first pointer - genius!

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Rodney Stevens said...

Hi Shamash. Thanks for your very kind words. A link to your site will be up as soon as I'm finished typing these words. :)

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