Monday, April 26, 2010

DVD Review

The Lost Satsang (NetiNeti Films/$24.95) was culled from a low-quality VHS tape that given to NetiNeti Films by S. K. Mullarpattan, who was Nisargadatta's primary translator from 1976 to 1981. In this little-known archival footage, the master teacher responds to questions from various seekers in his tiny, Mumbai flat.

The camera pretty much remains on Nisargadatta for the whole of the film's 90-minutes. Yet, it seldom feels static. For the legendary sage is in fine form here, pointing, laughing, shouting, glaring, loving, and rolling those presence-sated eyes. And Mullarpattan, who is often seen in the film himself, is quite animate in his own right, as he strives to translate and clarify Nisargadatta's torrent of words and expressions, of which gems abound:

"Space always exists, whether a building stands or it is demolished."

"Just do what I say. All your questions are sprouting from your identification with the body-form. You should go inside." [My emphasis.]

"These are pointers. It [awareness] cannot be explained by concepts. How can words explain that from which words originate?"

"What do you want? What is your main desire? Your body-identity is attracted to objects. It creates desires, and you treat them as high priorities. Understanding the Self should be your only priority...Search for your true nature."

The subtitling is excellent, with blue for seekers' questions and white for Nisargadatta's responses. Salutary too is the translating, in which three different translations were utilized (from Nisargadatta's native Marathi), with the central one being from Mohan Gaitonde, the sage's part-time and little-known evening translator.

Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo and their NetiNeti Films are to be thoroughly commended for presenting us with this marvelous work. You can order the DVD directly from them at: If the website isn't highlighted, just copy it to your browser's address slot and click.