Thursday, June 25, 2009

Q & A: Light Beyond Light

Hi, Rodney. I came across your link on "Sailor" Bob Adamson's site. I just wanted to give you a shout-out and say I'm thoroughly impressed.

Rodney: I appreciate that. And I'm delighted that you found your way to both Bob's site and mine. But you needn't have gone further than Bob's!

Questioner: I hear ya. You just happen to live a few states away. Australia's a wee-bit farther!

Rodney: But it's all about the message, not the messenger. If you're reading some teacher's words and you are given paused by them, go with those words. Even more important, go with the pause. That is what you should be on the alert for. Whenever I use the term "resonate," I mean not only that you are moved by the writer or teacher's pointers, but that you are paused by them. This pause may first appear as a stillness or stoppage. But if you remain with it for a timeless moment, you may find you are open to and existing as your very own openness.

Questioner: Beautifully put, which brings me around to what I wanted to say. I noticed that you, "Sailor" Bob, and your teacher, John Wheeler, say pretty much the same thing. But I dig how each of you have different styles of saying it.

Rodney: Right. That's why John was so clear and definite about my speaking about all of this. It isn't because the writing or pointing here is superior in anyway to other clear-sighted nonduality teachers. Rather, this body-mind and personality simply provide another way or manner to point to that single, all-important truth: Our everyday natural state. Thus, someone who may not resonate with my expressions might be more drawn to John or Bob's pointing.

Questioner: Actually, I resonate with all three of ya!..Anyway, I hope you will indulge me here. I just want to know if an awakened person can immediately know if another person is really awakened or not?

Rodney: A guy walks into a room--no, you have no way of knowing (though Nisargadatta's gaze and Ramana Maharshi's smile were formidable and gave hints of the numinous).

Questioner: Okay, I was just curious. I know you probably don't "relate" to those kinds of questions. So thanks again for indulging me.

Rodney: You're welcome. But just a note: One of beauties of nonduality is that it has a built-in Bogus Meter. No one can talk about it and self-realization for more than a couple of minutes without revealing the depth of his understanding. This isn't a matter of finger-pointing. It is simply a matter of hearing or seeing that this person hasn't clue about what he or she is talking about.

Questioner: Especially with some of the spiritual "superstars."

Rodney: There is no "especially" here. Whether the person is little-known or not doesn't matter. I'm speaking about whether a person's understanding is full, solid, and unshakable. In no uncertain terms, the person knows that he or she is awareness itself. This isn't conceptual. It's felt presence and spaciousness. But yes, even most immensely populate spiritual teachers easily reveal their lack true understanding, though they purport to be--in the apt and witty words of Jean Klein--"fully cooked."

Questioner: Just got back from a 5-day silent retreat. Though I was gonna die! Just a complete waste of money and energy, though they had two or three teachers there!

Rodney: Teachers of true worth tend to, among other things, speak clearly and evenly about their own understanding; point to your ordinary awareness as being your fundamental reality; tell you that time is not a factor in self-knowledge; and declare, in no uncertain terms, that meditation and practices are an utter waste of time. Further, they are quick to say you that you are already what you are attempting to be! Your natural state is clearly before you. It is what you are at this very moment. What needs to be seen or recognized is that your everyday awareness is, for the lack of a better word, multi-dimensional. You now see it as flat. But it is ripe with peace, richness, and radiance. Indeed, it is light beyond light.


JD Hazlewood said...

There's nothing to say about this post in partiuclar. Just saying that Rodney is presenting a clear message of non-duality. It's a simple message, and the only reason there's a lot of talk about it is that the "mind" questions that which is.
Don't over think it, in fact, there's no thinking involved in it. It is what contains "thinking". Just be!

JD Hazlewood said...
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Charlie Hayes said...

Spot on, Rodney, and JD ... It is great to see a clear message without agenda shining out now. Love ya, charlie