Monday, January 12, 2009

Sheerness of Being

There is something that does not move. It is the bare essence of your existence. It can't be your mind or your personality because there are times when you have no thoughts, feelings, or preferences. Neither are you your body, because the body--while amazingly intricate--doesn't possess the ability to know itself.

What about consciousness proper, i.e., that state or fact of being mentally aware of something? Surely we are that! As conscious and (for the most part) intelligent creatures, we have produced magnificent art and literature, made tremendous medical and scientific discoveries, and brought digital organization to vast amounts of information. How could consciousness or intelligence not be what we are? Because consciousness has states; among them are waking, drowsiness, dreaming, and deep sleep. And our fundamental nature can't be something that inherently changes.

What is it that does not move, that is existent, knowing, self-evident? It is this simple presence of awareness. You are THAT! You needn't search for some scriptural reference of what you think self-realization is supposed to be. You are that which is prior to all thoughts, emotions, and ideation. See that there is a presence, right here and now, recognizing the fact that you are conscious and reading these words. That is the sheerness that does not move. Full stop! Emaho!

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