Saturday, January 31, 2009

Book Review: The Revelation of Oneness

Jeff Foster's The Revelation of Oneness: Dialogues on Nonduality and Spiritual Awakening (Non-Duality Press, $21.45) is an excellent assemblage. There are four sets of dialogues, and they cover a plethora of topics, including the myth of the mind, death, the appearance of time, unity in diversity, the body/mind, the fallacy of cause-and-effect, and the recognition of our natural state.

Foster's responses to seeker's questions are clear, sound, and refreshing. When someone queries about the "paradox" of trying to understanding nonduality, the author astutely counters, "But actually there is no paradox. There is just the thought 'there is a paradox.' So this entire world of thought that the mind has constructed, it's gone in a flash, when the thought isn't there."

And here is a cogent explanation how this notion of the "me" is created a multitude of times throughout the day: "Yes, everything is creating you. Take this [statue of a] bird up here. We think 'I am seeing the bird', when actually the bird is creating the 'me'...The bird is creating the one who sees the bird. They arise at the same time and dissolve at the same time. And that's all that's ever happening." In other words, this is merely an innocent occurrence of apparent duality.

There are some pithy pointers throughout the book, as well. A fine quartet of them follows: "Already, there is only Oneness"; "This is the end of duality because it is the wide open space, the vastness in which duality appears to arise in the first place"; "Once you get tangled up in words and concepts and meanings, we are so totally, completely, utterly lost"; and--the author's own brand-worthy admonition--"Life has no center".

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