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Q&A: It Happened

Question: Hello, Rodney. I writing you from a small town in a province in the Quebec. English is not my native. Still, I just had to write you.
Rodney: Thank you for doing so.

Q: I know I will get nervous. It's simply because it is a difficult challenge to write and speak in English for me. But it's OK, I don't mind—especially writing and speaking with you!

Rodney: I've been to Canada. And I love the cold and snow, and very warm people. I know that a generalization. But that was my experience when I visited Montreal and a few other smaller Canadian towns more than a decade ago.

Q: I wanted to tell you that I have been seeking and seeking for many years. Then I came across your excellent blog, though I don't remember how exactly. Then I ordered your book, State of Wonder. And Rodney, it was while reading it that it happened. I finally, finally discovered my natural state!

Rodney: I'm absolutely thrilled. If we were physically close enough, I would give you a hug. Could you explain a bit how you are now feeling?

Q: It is difficult to describe it in English. But Presence/Awareness is all there is. Nothing exist but that, and yet, all the other things are appearing—sounds, colours, sensations, etc. It is a paradox, and yet, it is not a paradox. I wish I could say it in French. Then I could speak about it all day!

Rodney: You're doing fine. The important thing is that your presence of awareness isn't changing in any shape, form, or manner.

Q: Oh, no. No changes, Rodney. And for the first time, I can say what the sages said: All there is, is That!

Rodney: Precisely.

Q: I am now reading your book, Fully Present: Daily Reflections on Nonduality, and I feel so at home. I am simply enjoying the book so much. What more can I say? It's more than enough! I felt upon your blog, and I don't even know how. A choice less than a discovery, perhaps. But then, it may have been pure chance. But once more, I am so at home with all your writings. 

Rodney: Again, thank you. And it is I who am thrilled for you! My books and blog are just pointers to something that is always present. They are reminders that something is being overlooked. So in actuality, you end up discovering all of this for yourself, and by yourself. No one can hand or "transmit" this understanding to you. And give no heed to anyone who claims that they can. If you are awareness already, how they possibly transfer awareness to you? So be wary of those who are overly-spiritual, because there is absolutely nothing spiritual about this. Your natural state is beyond all spirituality. Now, it is completely okay to celebrate that state spiritually, if you are drawn to do so. But as you now evidently know, presence is over and above rituals, ceremonies, temples, and churches. Awareness is present just as fully in India as it is in any other location in the world. The place is incidental. But you are not.

Q: I hope to meet you on Skype pretty soon. I have no questions really. I just would like to see you and thank you visually, so to speak.

Rodney: Absolutely.

Q: Here, in my little Canadian town, the sun is getting very sleepy. And it's cold! There are hundreds of Canada geese in the sky right now. They are flying in the typical V-shape. They will stop here for a few weeks to feed in the farmers' fields. Pretty soon, many of them will reach your state to settle in for a while. I will asked a few of them to say "Hi" to you as they pass. Their essence expresses freedom and joy also! 

Rodney: Indeed, it does....And I'll be watching the skies!

Q: Again—thank you, my dear, Rodney.

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