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Q&A: Subtle But Obvious

Question: Rodney, I just finished reading John Wheeler's words in The Light Behind Consciousness, where he says, "All you can say about yourself is 'I am' and 'I know' and 'I am nothing perceivable or conceivable'." I'm not exactly sure why, but those sentences were very calming to me.

Rodney: Well, there could be any number of reasons for that, aside from the words' clarity and truthfulness. The things that are perceivable are constantly changing. But the "I am-ness" that is recognizing those changes isn't altering in the least. So "I am" or "I know" is pretty much all that you can realistically utter about yourself, with the former being particularly on the mark. Everything else is just an add-on, e.g., "I am  man/woman," "I am a banker," "I am my body," "I am a wretched soul," "I am an American/Canadian--

Q: I am unenlightened.

Rodney: I am unenlightened. I am my ego, and on and on. But something is knowing that those thoughts and assumptions are temporarily there. What is that something? That is the question that should be centered upon, if you truly want to discover the answer to what you are. It's a magnificent question because it naturally pauses you. You feel the beauty of its significance, even if the answer to the question remains unclear. The pause is pointing you to your essence, to your own innate clarity and spaciousness. And given that it is innate, it is nothing that you can practice your way to. You are what you are at very moment, and you never move from that, despite any notions otherwise.

Q: Right. I read John's statements about two hours ago, and the tranquilness is still there. Also, the truth of the words has become clearer. It was subtle at first, but then, by itself, a stillness grew and it became far more obvious. Still subtle, but obvious. 

Rodney: Sounds nice.

Q: Well, that's what I'm getting at, I suppose. I'm sitting here before the computer and all is peace and gentleness, like the quiet gladness of a young child at home, surrounded by an unseen love that is fully known and cherished without words. Is this just another in a long, long line of experiences? Or is this Presence? Anything is possible, I suppose. 

Rodney: Indeed it is. But I'm fairly certain that what is occurring is an experience, though a deeply calming and reflective one. And such occasions, while temporary, can point you to an even deeper stillness, that is right there for the seeing. And this, of course, is a stillness from which you never move. That "peace" is what you are, and that you are articulating and feeling some semblance of it can easily lead you towards a final seeing and understanding of the matter. No sustained or concentrated efforts are needed for this. You neither have to close your eyes nor move into any kind of special position. For awareness is perfectly present before any of those things are done. So why bother? Why waste a millisecond (or a lifetime!) to indulge in any action that is on the mental or physical level? Awareness is neither waiting nor hiding. And there is absolutely nothing to cultivate or to "bring out." All of that stuff is just false, spiritual lore. And no matter how tantalizing the stories and anecdotes, they are just experiences, every single one of them.

Q: Well, now that I've been properly thrashed--

Rodney: Oh, no! That wasn't my intent at all!

Q: Just kidding. Thanks, Rodney. I'd love to set up a phone consultation, if I may? Hearing your voice seems to help me to get a better handle on all of this.

Rodney: Sure thing. No problem at all.


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