Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Q&A: Regards from Rio

Questioner: Hey, Rodney, hope you're doing great. I'm continuing to enjoy your blog very much.

Rodney: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Q: I just thought I'd let you know that I just read the "White Umbrella" section of your book, while dropping anchor on a ship in Guanabara Bay, Brazil.

Rodney: You're kidding me!

Q: And I'm underneath the Cristo Redentor, no less. Pretty cool, Huh?

Rodney: Totally!

Q: I haven't had much time to read lately, but I just did a 4-week transit from the US to Brazil. During the trip I was able to spend hours listening to your great podcast interview on the Urban Guru Cafe and have kept a lot what you said in mind.

Rodney: Allow the words to be there naturally. It's better when memories, images, and sounds have their own energy and resonance. Then you easily can be drawn into any stillness that is present.

Q: Lately--especially on the quieter days--I've noticed this uncaused lightness that I'm beginning to have. I can't really say much about it. It just seems that there is much more "space" these days or something to that effect. Just another experience or have I been at sea too long?

Rodney: It's probably an experience. But that's okay, because it is what I sometimes call an "indicator" experience. It's the kind that seekers sometimes have who are doing any kind of lucid and perceptive nondual reflecting. Lightness is one of the indicators. Others include calmness, spaciousness, and a growing disinterest in other spiritual avenues. And let me emphasize: These are not steps to your nondual nature. There are simply experiences and manifestations that occur with some people.

Q: They aren't prerequisites or anything like that.

Rodney: Precisely. What's important now is not to give any undue emphasis to those experiences. The same applies to any images or forms of energy that may take place. Just remain with any pause or sense of spaciousness that naturally occurs. When the fullness of either is seen, you are looking squarely at Self.

Q: Could you say a little bit more about the spaciousness--what is an experience and what is not?

Rodney: Good question. For the spaciousness that I am referring to (that of presence) does not come and go. Also, it has no bodily connection, per se. Though it fully surrounds you, it is not coming off your skin or limbs or anything. It's there, but you cannot you say where it begins or ends. It is simultaneously inside of you and beyond you, and it does not change--from day to day--in the least. Also, if you had to describe it, your first words would probably be utter peace, subtlety, hushness, and tranquility.

Q: Thanks, Rodney. That helps a lot. And I'm really loving A Vastness All Around so far. I'm going to check the rest out when I get back to the States. In the meantime, regards from Rio!

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RECENTLY IN: The beautiful and informative Nonduality Magazine has published a new discussion with Rodney about his book, A Vastness All Around. The extensive and wide-ranging interview was done by John LeKay, the magazine's editor.


"Loved the book, Rodney. Enjoyed it as much as John Wheeler's first book, Awakening to the Natural State. My favourite quote of yours was "you are no more your personal history than you are your toothbrush." I like the fact that you included little tidbits of your life and surrounds. It felt more like reading a book on travel or history than some of the other textbook style books on nonduality. I think for anyone serious about a direct approach, your book and John Wheeler's are the two to have." -- Ian


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