Sunday, January 16, 2011


Awareness is fully present. See what it is that you are not seeing.


Existence is the manifested aspect of the Unimanifested. One is simply the other. Names, labels, and distinctions come up as thoughts and images in our so-called minds. Otherwise, no distinctions are present.


The mystique of "enlightenment" induces you not only to overlook awareness proper, but to pursue spiritual experiences and imagined visions in hope of attaining some sort of dramatic Truth. But the full measure of what you are is already before you, and it is subtle, boundless, and unchanging. It is peace itself.


If you have the opportunity to speak and be with someone for whom this is a living reality, take advantage of that opportunity. You may not come away with any immediate understanding (and then again, you just might); but at least the pointing will be consistent and spot-on. And there will be no wavering or half-measures--the truth will be fully articulated.


In self-enquiry, when the "who" response arises (e.g., "Who feels that they need to be a better meditator?"), the pause after that response is the answer. Any conceptualization after that is merely the mind churning up doubt, ideas, and conjecture. Again, the pause following the response is the answer.


No I/thought/ego can be awakened. When the transient nature of these things is clearly seen, presence naturally and very obviously remains.


You cannot become "more awake." It's either
game over, or the conceptual clock is still ticking.


I have absolutely no interest in engaging in debates, conjecture, and conceptualization. My job is simply to point to the truth. That pointing can be done and articulated in innumerable ways. What never changes is that to which I am pointing, which is Reality itself.


The purpose of nonduality is not to reach some imagined or mythical state, but to clarify your identity. And this clarification or understanding isn't difficult or time-dependent in the least. It is a simple seeing of what is immediately before you. It is that which is present
before your next thought, feeling, or doubt arises. Ponder the following question: Your thoughts arise in what?...Notice that there is a pause directly after the question. But you are overlooking the pause because you think that is just an ordinary emptiness there, rather than a vastness that is rich with love and equanimity. Take a moment to see yourself as your Self. And perhaps you too will be exclaiming J.W. Work's enduring spiritual lyrics, "Free at last, Free at last! Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!"


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Rodney will be speaking at the "Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness" in Columbia, SC, on January 23rd. For info, go to A Class Act!


"Rodney has a clear and simple voice that engages the spiritual dialogue with a profound sense of knowing. The truth of his words penetrates to the depth of our collective Being." -- Bruce Joel Rubin, screenwriter, GHOST, JACOB'S LADDER, THE LAST MIMZY, and THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE.


A Vastness All Around: Awakening to Your Natural State is now available for purchase. Rodney's first collection of essays, discussions, interviews and powerful pointers can be ordered directly from the publisher at Lulu Press.


Vastness is now available for the Amazon Kindle! Order Here.


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Finoh said...

Loved the book Rodney. Enjoyed it as much as John Wheelers first book, " Awakening to the Natural State".

My favourite quote of yours was " you are no more your personal history than you are your toothbrush." I like the fact that you included little tidbits of your life and surrounds. It felt more like reading a book on travel or history than some of the other textbook style books on nonduality.

I think for anyone serious about a direct approach your book and John Wheelers are the two to have.



Rodney Stevens said...

Hi Ian. Thank you so much for your VERY kind words!

And I'm thrilled, of course, that you are enjoying the variety of material in the book. That was certainly one of the qualities that I wanted "Vastness" to have.

You might note, too, that there is a tad more spaciousness in it than is normally seen in trade paperbacks. That was purposeful also, for I wanted the page to be inviting "presence" for the reader.

Again, many thanks, Ian. And stay in touch, if you're moved to do so.