Monday, October 18, 2010

Q&A: No Message

Question: I'm delighted about your book, Rodney. I purchased a trio of copies--one for myself, and two others for holiday gifts to friends.

Rodney: Well, I believe three copies of a nondual title qualifies it as a bonafide bestseller. So thank you!

Q: I continue to read, ponder, and allow myself to be paused. That particular approach is so beautiful, really. It never feels like seeking; hence, there is no exasperation. It's rather like a day-to-day examination of the things and ideas that I previously thought "weighty" (I loved the way you used that word in your previous posting).

Rodney: Good points, all. But be wary of the "examination of things." That could continue without end. A thought is a thought is a thought. End of story. There is really nothing left to examine. Just see that you are giving undue significance to your thoughts and feelings. Yes, they are vital and practical, but they aren't who and what we are. We know that an idea and an emotion is there because there is a
knowingness in which the thought or feeling arises. That knowingness is awareness.

Q: Yes, awareness is the examiner.

Rodney: Presence doesn't dissect or scrutinize. It perfectly beholds whatever is present. Whatever comes up after the initial witnessing is the so-called mind, with its varying assessments of the original thought, concept, or sentiment.

Q: And to see that this is happening is enough for a full understanding, correct?

Rodney: Yes, but it has to be a seeing
that halts all mentation. It is the sudden and complete recognition of the permeation of awareness, which is the essence of your beingness. And it has always been present, of course--just overlooked. Our attention goes to a multitude of things throughout the day, and that is perfectly fine when we notice a car coming before we attempt to cross the road. But one could argue that it is not so good when we are, say, focused on our thoughts and breathing in an attempt to control them so that we can reach some so-called spiritual and fleeting state.

Q: But I will know it when I see, I suppose--this awareness.

Rodney: Generally, yes. You will know it when you see it. But if there is any question, just look at, say, your cup of tea or coffee on the table in front of you, or at some object in the distance. Then note if the spaciousness is still there. If it is, it is the real deal. If it is not, you will know that it was simply a passing experience. But don't get depressed! Be happy that you were able to quickly and accurately sort things out.

Q: My dear Rodney, do know you why I treasure your blog? It's because of such clear and "radiant" specifics as the aforesaid. No haziness or advaitic verbiage at all, and no making a mystery of things. I'm sure you understand what I'm attempting to convey.

Rodney: Completely.

Q: And the very same applies to your A Vastness All Around, of course. I experience the same "halting" as I did when I read Tony Parson's Invitation to Awaken. But with your book, the stillness seems to sit there for some time longer. I'm explaining this very, very badly. But again, I know you can sense my intent.

Rodney: Everyone responds differently to nondual books. I'm happy, of course, that
Vastness moves you in the way that it does. Remain with the stillness that you are feeling, allowing yourself to fully see that the tranquility remains on its own, that there is no you having to do anything at all.

Q: I most certainly will...And I would like to write you again, if that's okay, as I continue to "sort things out." But for now, thank you so much for your message, Rodney.

Rodney: You're most welcome. But there is no message, really. It's just a responding from the source, a welling up from this particular body/mind entity. My perspective is the only originality here. For what I am pointing to is the very same thing to which all the other sages (from Buddha and Nisargadatta to Sailor Bob Adamson) have pointed, and that is Freedom itself.


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