Sunday, August 15, 2010


Who is it that says that awareness isn't fully present?


Your natural state does have a blissful quality to it. But that is only one of its many magnificent aspects. The others include peace and spaciousness. These are not experiences. They are the features or qualities of awareness that do no change.


The thought "I'll never get this" is just an idea arising in what you already are--self-shining presence. You are That, right at this very moment. There is nothing that you have to attain or to work toward. Notions of having to do either of those only turn your attention away from what is right here, right now.


Say to yourself: "I am...." But stay with the pause that has no name.


You are already in full possession of your natural state. You just need to confirm this for yourself. Your own direct seeing and understanding leave you with absolutely no questions about the validity of your inherent reality. And when that recognition occurs, you may shout, smile, tear-up, shake your head, or sit in silence. Every body/personality is different.


No practice can quiet the mind.


What is it that is subtly present that is not a thought, a sensation, an emotion, or an object? What is it that is none of these? Do Not Move From This. See it to the end, which, ironically, is your beginning. It is all Oneness, which, in actuality, has no beginning or end.


"Accessing" your natural state requires no sustained effort or practice. Please don't believe anyone who tells you this.


You give the ego credibility when you attempt to engage it in any manner, particularly if that engagement involves controlling, watching, or annihilating. What is present before the ego is present? What is there
before any thought, feeling, or conceptualization arises?


The interview that I recently did for the new online publication,
Nonduality Magazine, can be found at the following link:

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No One In Particular said...

"The pause that has no name..." Love it.

Charlie Hayes said...

I can only say, that the interview you posted a link address to is truly excellent, potent, clear, lucid and completely in a natural linguistic coordination with the Reality that what is, IS ... fully present always, here and now, only perhaps overlooked in favor of the "stale peanuts" of fascinations, fictions and imaginations... Really nicely done, my friend!