Sunday, June 20, 2010


What is it that is already present?


Understanding, in nonduality, is spontaneous and uncaused. It isn't dependent upon long and severe efforts, which lead only to experiences--which, in turn, lead not to Truth, but simply to the craving of those experiences.


The end of misunderstanding is the end of a defined and individual you.


U.G. Krishnamurti wisely pointed out that unlike saints, "sages don't depend on any authority; what they say
is the authority." This is because they are speaking from the source of their beingness. And there is no higher authority than that.


There is not even the
potential of awakening within you. For you are already "awakeness" proper. All that you need to do is pause a bit and see your Self for yourself. You neither have to struggle for it nor wait for it to happen. For your treasure is directly in front of you.


Nonduality is a penetrating inquiry into the ultimate Truth.


The mind is perplexed and bothered by the notion that toil and time aren't needed for self-knowledge. These are just two of the numerous spiritual myths that need to be seen through, including the one that there is a defined and constant mind in the first place.


Meditation, mantras, mindfulness, and even Kundalini yoga are all within the mental realm. Awareness is totally beyond that--so much so, in fact, that you can't use any of those activities or approaches as a stepping-stone to Presence.


Don't be overly-concerned with the return of normal mental reactions after you have been to some beautiful and halcyon setting, such as a park, forest, mountain range, library, or resort. This understanding isn't dependent upon extended periods of tranquility; and it can just as easily be had on a bustling street corner as it can on a lone stretch of beach. So simply feel the pause and the pointing within the words that you are reading right now. Be attuned to any spaciousness within you. It is a peace and clarity that you have never noticed before. But now you see and feel it. Now you know: It's not even Oneness--but beyond.


Note: An interview that I recently did for the new online publication,
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Ron Dowd said...

Thanks Rodney, I love these pointers. And your interview I found a big help, very simple and straight.

Colleen Loehr said...

Great pointers- and a great interview- both very helpful.

I'm particularly struck by "Meditation,mindfulness... are within the mental realm. Awareness is totally beyond that-- so much so, in fact, that you can't use any of those activities or approaches as a stepping-stone to Presence."

If it comes up, I'd like to hear more about this. Is the distinction between the mental realm and awareness the same as the distinction between arisings (objects) and awareness?

The mind is perhaps a frame of reference, or "fish bowl"...and when I'm "in" this frame of reference I become oddly blinded to it. Another analogy- I have trouble "seeing" the glasses lens that I am looking through as I type these words; the lens remains invisible to me, and yet it determines how I see everything.

Thank you.

berrywild said...
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berrywild said...

Excellent interview thanks Rodney
- berry (aust)