Friday, November 21, 2008


Don't try to repeat or memorize these pointers. Rather, let them resonate within you. You may even try putting them aside for a while, and then re-reading them. Coming upon them fresh in this way just may allow you to see, directly and unequivocally, the awareness to which they are pointing.


Nonduality is oneness without a second.


Throughout the day, see that there is a living, immutable presence within you, whether you are thinking, singing, reading, or emoting. You are only able to recognize those thoughts, feelings and melodies because of this pure, nonconceptual background. Thoughts and responses come and go. But you, the background, remains.


Let's be clear about our terms: Consciousness is a state, and it includes waking, dreaming, and sleeping. Awareness is the source from which consciousness arises. Awareness is what you truly are.


However romantic it may sound, there is no "journey of awakening." How can there be when you never move from being stillness itself?


Genuine, self-realized teachers will never hold silent retreats, offer transmissions of power, stipulate spiritual practices, focus upon "overcoming" the ego, or require your allegiance. They will simply point to your pristine and radiant nature. Because the personality and perspective of each nondual teacher is different, you will likely resonate with one more than you do the others. That's perfectly fine and normal. Besides, they all are pointing to the same truth.


Loyal Butterfly said...

It seems that you are familiar with Vivekacudemani 515:
I am actionless. I am changeless. I am partless. I am without purpose. I am eternal. I do not require any prop. I am One, without a second.

Rodney Stevens said...

Thank you for your comment. I wasn't familiar with that particular verse, but it is a fine one. And it is certainly what is lived and felt in this particular body/mind.